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Concept & Environment Design

Screenshot (11).png

Zenboo creates a space for the user to relax, placing them in the middle of the mountains and free to play with bamboo. The user is able to water the bamboo using a watering can and watch it grow in a unique way, use the watering can to bounce around different parts of the bamboo, and make parts of the bamboo disappear with a sickle. Surrounding the user is a mountain range, a circle of floating rocks, and a tree stump to place the watering can and sickle on. Rather than being a game or a narrative, Zenboo’s purpose is to create a virtual reality experience that makes the user feel relaxed and playful.

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Screenshot (13).png


Concept, Environment & Sound Design

Cursed creates narrative through a game-like approach. The user starts off placed in a strange place: they are surrounded by ruins in a forest, though it is still a bright and sunny day.

Screenshot (21).png

In front of them is a golden dragon statue sitting on a podium, like it is waiting to be picked up. When the user picks it up, the podium suddenly goes down, everything becomes darker and spookier, and a voice evilly laughs and says “the curse has been you must protect the statue or risk releasing the curse forever.” A sword then drops down from the sky in front of the user, and monsters randomly come out one at a time from one of the four gates surrounding the user.

Screenshot (25).png

From here, there are several different possibilities. The “winning” possibility is that the user either uses the sword, stones, or a combination of both to kill forty monsters, all without dropping the statue. When this happens, it becomes bright and sunny again, peaceful bird chirps can be heard, and the voice says “congratulations...the curse has been contained, and peace will be restored.” However, there are two ways the user can “lose.” The first is if a monster touches the statue, and the second is if the user drops the statue on the ground. When this happens, the lighting becomes darker and the voice evilly laughs and says “you have failed to protect the statue...the curse has taken over.” The user can then restart the game by grabbing a floating sphere that appears in front of them, and try again. There is also a cheat to the game - if the user throws the statue into one of the ruins' wells upon restarting the game, they don’t have to worry about holding onto the statue or losing if a monster catches up to them, allowing them to win by destroying forty monsters with ease.

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