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Cha Chair

A tea table stool

cha chair 1.jpeg
cha chair 5.jpeg
cha chair 3.jpeg

The functionality of a stool often reaches beyond just sitting. Cha Chair is a prototype that explores the table-like and decorative qualities of a stool, combined with a more traditional Chinese tea table.

There are two main components to Cha Chair: the stool and the tea table. The tea table's legs insert into the stool, allowing the two to either function together as one object or separately as two objects. The tea table itself also has a removable component, much like some traditional Chinese tea tables. The top panel can be lifted off, allowing for drainage of tea and water that spills onto the table. Bamboo wood makes up the majority of the material for a natural aesthetic.

cha chair 2.jpeg
cha chair 4.jpeg
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