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Please reach out via email to for project inquiries. UX/UI portfolio available upon request.

Queens Bully & Tipsy Takeout

Through work as a brand developer at Queens Bully and Tipsy Takeout.

Queens Bully is a gastropub in Queens, NY, and Tipsy Takeout is a cocktail delivery brand launched out of Queens Bully. As a designer, content producer and brand developer for both brands, I design all visual assets surrounding the two brands including but not limited to social media assets, menus, packaging and merchandise.


Bagel Pub

Through representation from Building Brooklyn Street Art

Bagel Pub is a bagel shop with three locations in Brooklyn, New York. They were looking for artists to insert bagels into well-known artworks to decorate their stores. This is one of the paintings I created for them, based off of Hokusai's The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

CAGES Bar and Sports

Through work as a designer at Metric Design Studio

CAGES is a popular batting cage and sports bar in Shanghai, China. They hired Metric Design Studio to re-design a variety of their assets based off of their re-vamped visual identity. I was tasked with re-designing their catering and events menu in both English and Chinese. Below are some select pages of the menu I designed.


Renlitech is a consulting company with the aim of making technology more human. Their founder reached out to me for help designing a logo, as well as picking colors and fonts for their new visual identity. The logo design subtly conveys the Chinese character 人 (ren, people), an important aspect of the name and goals of the company.

Follow the Chicken

Follow the Chicken is a book written by James Sanford, relating stories of raising chickens to American politics. I designed an e-book cover to fit the standards of publishing his book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.


Qin Feng Artist Information

Through work at Crossing Art gallery

Part of my work at Crossing Art involved creating promotional materials. When we attended the art fair VOLTA New York in March 2020, Qin Feng was the artist we focused our booth on. I was tasked with creating a file containing Qin Feng's artist information for visitors to view at the fair, select pages of which are below.

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