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Artificial Muse

This series of paintings was created based on images generated by an artificial muse. Neural style transfer was used to merge together past artworks, creating newly styled digital images that were then transformed into these three paintings. This process serves as a technique for artists to gain new inspiration from their past works and to use A.I. as a tool for optimizing creativity.

artificial muse.JPG

pose.keypoints Series

pose.keypoints starts with PoseNet, a machine learning model that detects keypoints on the human body such as shoulders and wrists. Each keypoint, captured through a webcam, is then represented by a tiny ellipse. These tiny ellipses continuously generate as the body moves, forming a unique design. Based on these designs, I created a series of paintings depicting what the computer sees when I perform various movements. The result is an almost alien-like version of a human, the style of which would not have been possible for me to create without A.I., nor for A.I. to create without an artist.

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